Sunny Diamonds Guarantee

Internally Flawless Diamonds

We at Sunny Diamonds pride ourselves in bringing you a wide range of Internally Flawless (IF) diamonds, the pinnacle of diamond clarity scale. We are the only jewellery retailer in India, sourcing IF quality diamonds directly from Belgium and using these diamonds with Excellent Polish, Excellent Cut and Excellent Symmetry (EX.EX.EX grade) in making jewellery.

Flawless (FL) and Internally Flawless (IF) diamonds constitute less than 1% of gem-quality diamonds in the world. They are rare and expensive for their exceptional clarity and colour. These characteristics make them a popular choice for jewellery pieces like engagement rings. Under strict laboratory conditions, only the diamonds with the highest possible clarity and colour achieve the FL and IF diamond certification. Since they have to meet certain stringent specifications, these diamonds are rare. Some of the larger diamonds are sought-after by investors and collectors. However, small-sized FL and IF diamonds are much more affordable. They are often used in proposal rings as they symbolize love through jewellery.

Clarity is one of the 4 C’s of diamond quality and plays a prominent role in determining its value. The clarity of a diamond tells you whether or not imperfections like inclusions or blemishes are present in the diamond. The factors determining the clarity of a diamond are size, colour, nature, and position of clarity characteristics visible under 10x magnification. Diamonds with no visible blemishes or inclusions are categorized as Flawless diamonds. Internally Flawless diamonds have no inclusions but will have blemishes on the surface. These are visible only when viewed under magnification. These blemishes include extra facets, surface graining or minor polish marks. Only a trained gemologist can see those blemishes, and that too under high magnification.

Sunny diamonds offer you high quality Internally Flawless diamonds that are popular for their exceptional clarity and beauty. Also, all our diamonds have internationally recognized diamond grading certificates. You may already know that while shopping for diamonds, you need to consider the 4Cs diamond quality - cut, carat, colour and clarity. However, if you are shopping at Sunny Diamonds, you need not worry about the clarity of your diamond since we only deal with IF clarity diamonds. If you are looking for a stunning visual impact with a high clarity stone, look no further. We can assure you a wide collection of IF diamonds with expert guidance to find the gem that best suits you.