Old Gold Purchase Policy

a) Sunny Diamonds do accept old gold from customers in exchange with the diamond jewellery.
b) Advance for your booking and old gold exchange will be limited for 1 year from the date of booking and you will have to chose and collect your diamond jewellery within 1 year.
c) Gold rate will be the highest value as on the booking day or the prevailing market price, the highest value will be considered for your exchange on your entrusted gold. 
d) Advance receipt and a valid ID proof should be submitted at the time of jewellery exchange.
e) Advance amount is not transferrable to any other person. 
f) Refund of advance is not permitted.
g)Customer should handover the old gold jewellery being exchanged at one of Sunny Diamonds’Store within three business days of exchange booking.
h)Once the booking is confirmed, Customer cannot cancel the booking. 
i) This advance is for old gold exchange with Sunny Diamonds products only and is not applicable for any other products other than diamond jewellery.
j The quantity of the gold in which the advance booking has been done should be fully exchanged with Sunny Diamonds’Products. 
k) Upon receipt of the jewellery, the value of the metal will be determined after the quality check and based on the prevailing market value of the metal, or the booking date for the exchange whichever is higher. The quantity of the old gold shall be mentioned in the Booking Receipt. 
l) The rate of gold jewellery will be only assigned on the day of purchase/exchange from Sunny Diamonds either based on the value on the booking date or the prevailing market value of the gold whichever is higher. 
m) Customer can buy any jewellery from Sunny Diamonds corresponding to the determined gold value after the quality check and value determination. 
n) Showroom manager and the customer will finalize the diamond jewellery in which the exchange will be completed. 
o) In case of difference in the rate of the old gold exchanged and diamond jewellery, a maximum refund of only Rs 2000/- will be allowed. 
p) Customer and the showroom manager should finalize the exchange product based on the maximum payback amount and the exchange product value. 
q) Once the old gold is handed over for exchange, Sunny Diamonds would be melt the same and the customer cannot seek for return of such old gold.