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Fine Jewellery Available In Calicut

Discover the beauty and quality of Sunny Diamonds’ stunning array of diamonds and fine jewellery. Right from our location in Calicut, Kerala, we offer only the best in diamond quality. We invite you to visit today and see what we have to offer.

Fine Jewellery Available in Calicut

Discover Beautiful Jewellery You’ll Love

Our high-quality diamonds wouldn’t be complete without beautiful jewellery. Whether you want a stunning new ring, a delightful bangle or a gorgeous pendant, you can find them at Sunny Diamonds.

Fine Jewellery Available in Calicut

See Why Our Diamonds Are Perfect for Your Collection

Historically, people in Kerala invested in gold jewellery because of its security and easy liquidity. However, due to our exclusive selection of IF diamonds, we can help you rest assured that our diamonds are a worthy investment as well. At Sunny Diamonds, we educate you on the reliability of diamond investing. We also are transparent about pricing and offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

You can even use your diamond jewellery as a pledge for a loan from established private banks such as Muthoot!

Fine Jewellery Available in Calicut

Visit Us Today

Visit our fine jewellery store at our new Calicut location today. Located at the VZone Building on Mavoor Road, our location is easy to access and offers a large parking facility for your convenience. If you have questions, please call +91-495-236-8104 or 180042504949 today.