Everyone says, lucky you. How? Do You believe in BIRTHSTONES? Yes, I do

"Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck".Dalai Lama XIV

Quote said it all, your luck matters everywhere. Birthstones are the gemstones which are lucky for you and these are on the basis on your birth month. Each month belongs to a person’s zodiac and traits of people belong to the respective zodiac. Each birthstone is a gem associated with unique symbols, and its history. Wearing gem helps to achieve success in life and obviously lucky for you at every step of your life. 

The dilemma you should wear a birthstone or not?

Don’t worry. Anyone can wear birthstone because it is for your good luck, success, and happiness. It does not have side effects. Few people thought they wear it as jewellery, but actually, it depends upon your birth month, and you can select it based on your born month.

Do You want to know the procedure to wear your lucky birthstone?

Birthstones can be worn on different days. You can follow the information below:

Colour of birthstone - preferred day

White - Monday, Friday
Red, Orange - Tuesday, Sunday
Green - Wednesday
Yellow - Thursday
Colourless, Transparent, Pink, Multi-Colour - Friday
Blue, Black, Brown, Grey, Violet, Indigo, Purple - Saturday


For better effect, the gem should be not damaged, or it should not have a hole. It should have a regular surface. 

Birthstones can be fixed in gold, metal and silver. 

It should be ideally worn in a pendant or ring, but it can be worn in bracelets and armlet. 

January Birthstone - Garnet

Colour - Dark Red : Garnet available in many colours, but mostly in Dark red for January born. 

Meaning - Garnet symbolise as a trust, but it is worn to cure diseases related to blood. And believe in having the power of medicine offering protection against nightmares, depression and wound. Compassion and loyalty are the general features of the wearer. 


February Birthstone - Amethyst

Colour - Deep purple Gem: A original and suitable quality Amethyst is a deep purple gem. 

Meaning - Amethyst gem is a stone of Saint Valentine and once upon a time a purple stone in Royals were stone of power. This stone symbolises unbreakable relations. This gem portrays nobility and serenity. This is said Amethyst possess the strength to boost the energy and maintain the stability of your mind. So, February born does not wait just grab your purple gem. 


March Birthstone - Aquamarine 

Colour - Aqua blue: It has different shades which vary between Deep blue to water green-blue shade 

Meaning - its colour is just like march zodiac sign. This is the Latin word in which “Aqua” means “water” and “Mare” means “Sea”. It is said that this stone protects the wearer from gut, liver and throat problems. 

It increases the joy and endurance and calms the wearer’s mind.


April Birthstone – Diamond

Colour – Transparent stone: Diamond is a sparkling stone which comes from colourless to the black gem.

Meaning – The diamond birthstone mostly used as jewellery for engagement rings etc. It shows real love, affection and power. It keeps the mind peaceful and sorts out the thoughts which come in our mind.


May Birthstone – Emerald 

Colour – Green Gem: Emerald is a beautiful gem with light to the dark green colour range

Meaning – The Emerald gem associated with some of the properties, which are Loyalty, friendship and faithfulness. It is said that the green stone cures contagious diseases, keep you calm and enhance the vision. 


June Birthstone – Pearl

Colour - Pearl available in many colours Grey, Champagne, Golden yellow, cream, white, lavender, blue mauve, green and black.

Meaning - The pearl associated with few properties like peace, faith, and innocence. It is also worn to calm a mind which is restless and full of thoughts, it also helps in to control anger and reduce headache, stress. It is believed that people who wear this gem can succeed in art and creative work and live their successful married Life. 


July Birthstone – Ruby

Colour – Cherry Red

Meaning – It helps in to promote peace. It is believed that ruby is worn to curb bleeding and helps in to maintain good health, sound heart. This gem gave confidence, improves the creative mind and wisdom as well as improving self-esteem.


August Birthstone – Peridot

Colour – Yellow gem: This gem is various shades with range rich olive to lime colour.

Meaning - The soothing yellow shade of this gem empowers prosperity which is crucial for building powerful bonds, eliminate anger and envy. It might help in enriching the levels of faith, trust, and confidence. This gem has a good impact on the skin as well as for the immune system of the body.


September Birthstone – Sapphire

Colour – Blue: Mostly Sapphires are blue, and the range of shades start from the prettiest blue through indigo to almost darkest blue.

Meaning – Sapphire is also known as “wisdom stone”. Because it helps in maintain spiritual, physical and emotional balance in the life of wearer’s. These stones are used to cure cellular and blood-related problems and regulate the nodes.  


October Birthstone – Opal

Colour – Fiery blue: it shades ranges between the fiery blue to milky white.

Meaning - The opal usually believed to have stimulating and healing qualities. This stone is unique than other stones. Opal give confidence to the people born in this month, and they stand out courageously. It is believed that this gem helps in to clean the blood and it cures fever, very energising for women are expecting a child.


November Birthstone – Topaz

Colour – Yellow: Topaz available in may shade but topaz which is mainly for November is a yellow brown shade.

Meaning - It instils a powerful sense of attention and love, charity and affinity, and promotes kindness. It embodies consensus and eliminate negative flow and imbues prosperity of expedience. Wearing this gem arouses peace by lessening anxiety and difficulty.


December Birthstone – Turquoise 

Colour – opaque

Meaning - Turquoise is also called as the ‘stone of joy’ and is a symbol of wealth and happiness; it calms the intellect and protects the wearer from any damage by soaking up negative energy. It signifies fact and proficiency; it curbs the strategy of remaking of tissues and well functioning of our immune system.


So, this is how these precious gems works, you can wear the gem of your respective birth month, which tends you lucky at every step. 

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