Diamond Studs

Diamonds are one of the best gifts to give someone and stud earrings are the most elegant choice. Unlike other jewellery pieces, diamond stud earrings come in a range of options. One can find earrings that suit every style and taste. Over the years, they are gaining popularity among both men and women.

When compared to the diamonds set in engagement rings, the quality requirements in a pair of stud-earrings is lower. This is because while people admire a ring at a close view, it is not the case with earrings. In general, people do not put any effort to inspect an earring up close. Many diamonds that are not "eye-clean" and suitable for engagement rings are good enough for diamond studs.

There most common diamond shapes in stud earrings are Asscher, round and princess cut diamonds. Any diamond cut that has several equal proportions is suitable for a stud earring. That is why the square shape of the Asscher and princess and the circular shape of the round cut are popular. Whereas, pear and marquise-shaped diamonds are not so common diamond cuts for studs. Due to their unique shapes, it is noticeable when marquise and pear cuts do not have matching proportions. Hence, it is difficult to find matching stones suitable for a pair of diamond stud earrings.

How to select and find the perfect diamond stud earring?

The perfect diamond studs are sure to make the wearer stand out from the crowd. It is also an attractive gift. With its elegant and classy appeal, diamond stud earrings as a gift will make an impact on the recipient. So before you head out to your local jeweller to buy a pair of stunning studs, go through the following tips. These pointers can help you find the most attractive pair at an affordable price.

The shape of the face: The shape of a person's face is an important factor to consider while purchasing an earring. For a thin face, a round cut diamond stud earrings will go well. It will widen the look of the face and enhance the beauty of the wearer. Whereas, for a person with a broad face, a princess cut diamond stud is the ideal option. It will help elongate the person's facial features and provide a thinner appearance. Make sure to match up the right diamond to the right face for the perfect look.

Skin tone: For a diamond earring to complement the wearer, its metal setting should match the skin tone of that person. Please understand that skin tone is different from skin complexion. Skin tones identify the undertones of your skin and are - cool, warm and neutral. People with cool skin tone should opt for platinum or white gold settings, and people with warm skin tones should go for yellow gold. Also, ensure that you do not compromise on the metal setting for a cheaper pair of earrings. Also, remember to choose a metal that does not cause allergies to the wearer - especially if you are buying a pair for regular wear. Platinum and 18kt yellow gold are the safest choices for people with nickel allergies or sensitive skin.

The right setting: There are different style settings among stud earrings. While choosing a pair of diamond stud earrings, ensure that it sticks close to the ear. Styles like three- and a four-prong martini or basket settings snug against the ear and look refined and elegant. Whereas, settings like the crown-style tend to push the diamond away from the ear. Such styles can create a bony look to the face.

Earrings backs: The backs of your earrings play a pivotal role in keeping the earrings secured. You have to make sure that you find a pair with safe and secure backing. After all, you do not want your earrings to fall out and get lost. Different types of earring backs help you hold your earring safe. The Guardian and Screw backs can firmly secure an earring and are suitable for earrings over 1 carat. Whereas a push back type cannot provide extra security and will not be enough for an expensive earring. Yet, it is one of the most popular types of earring back since they are easy to put in and remove.

Shopping for diamond stud earrings is now easier than ever. Several local stores around the globe sell diamond studs. Apart from that, now online stores also provide the opportunity for the same. Also, online shopping offers the convenience of shopping from your home and for a wider price range.

Various prominent jewellers now have a strong online presence. Their websites offer a wide range of jewellery choices at competitive prices. The internet allows low overhead costs which in turn lowers the final cost of the product. You can use this savings to step up and shop for a pair with a higher carat value. Look out for jewellery websites that provide you with such opportunities to save more with every shopping. Some websites even provide you with the opportunity to create custom jewellery according to your requirements.

Irrespective of where you shop from, diamond stud earrings are the ideal choice for a gift. The perfect pair of stunning and unique diamond earrings can complement the beauty of the wearer. Also, you can cherish it for many years to come.

Earrings can be a gift for any special occasion. Depending on the style, people wear it regularly or for special occasions. Also, there can never be too many diamond studs. Most women who own jewellery collections will have one or two pairs of diamond earrings. Yet, a third pair is always welcome. Stylish, refined and elegant - they never go out of style. Thanks to the internet, now it is possible to shop for diamond earrings at the luxury of your house. This ensures that you not only save time but also money. Make sure that you do your research well, and only rely on trusted brands for online shopping.

Through the internet, it is now possible to browse for a wide range of products. You can also avail items from a global market, rather than a local market. You could be living in India and do your online shopping with merchants in Abu Dhabi. Stiffer competition and lower overhead are causing the prices of diamond earrings to go down. Thus, bringing never before seen deals to the customers.

While there are a lot of websites selling diamond studs, ensure that you only rely on trustworthy brands. Look out for professional jewellers who understand diamonds, offer quality products, insurance, shipping and return policies.

Diamond studs are both classic and versatile. with the versatility of diamond stud earrings, the style options are endless. That is why, they make the perfect gift, even if they a gift to yourself.