Ideal Cut Diamonds

A diamond that is cut into ideal proportions and angles, either round, brilliant or princess cut, with excellent symmetry ratings and polish, is known as an Ideal cut diamond. An ideal cut diamond will be perfectly proportioned to refract light in the correct angles to produce the fire and brilliance that makes the viewer go mesmerized. It is normally used as a benchmark for grading all other diamonds.

The term ‘Ideal Cut’ was first coined by a Belgian diamond cutter, Marcel Tolkowsky in the 1900s after analysing the Round Brilliant cut diamond. He took into consideration both the Brilliance and Fire of the diamond. Even though Tolkowsky’s ideal cut is not perfect, it still serves as a basic global guideline for ideal cut diamonds even though individual counties have still made their own modifications.

Today, we also take into consideration the finding of another gemstone cutter, Bruce Harding. It is he who came up with the other computer models and technological scopes for ideal cut diamonds in the 1970’s. Sunny diamonds offers a nice collection of ideal cut diamonds perfect for all occasions.