Diamond Certificate

What is a Diamond Certificate?

A diamond certificate is a detailed document that specifies unique diamond specifications like its colour grade, carat weight, cut grade, and clarity grade. Therefore, purchasing a diamond without a diamond certificate or without the jeweller's authenticity certificate that discloses the Diamond value would not be a wise decision to make (please note that all third-party certificates do not mention diamond value on their certificates). Three of the most trusted diamond grading laboratories for solitaires are Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gem Society (AGS), and Hoge Raad Voor Diamant (HRD) Antwerp. Other than solitaires, for all diamond jewellery, Sunny Diamonds provides our own authenticity certificates that discloses the diamond value along with diamond quality as part of our efforts to bring in transparency and brand assured quality. Do keep in mind all solitaires will be accompanied by a third-party certificate for each diamond.

The cost of a diamond depends on these unique specifications, otherwise known as the 4C’s - Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Even though carat determines the price of a diamond to a large extend, the colour, cut and clarity determines the look and feel of a diamond.

GIA Diamond Certification

GIA or the Gemological Institute of America is a non-profit, independent organization. It was founded in 1931 and is considered by many to be the world's highest authority in gemology. Their diamond and gemstone grading system was introduced in 1953 and is recognized worldwide. Manufacturers from around the world send gems and diamonds to GIA for evaluation and analysis.

A diamond or gem that comes with a GIA certificate has been analysed by an unbiased gemologist. The GIA certificate assures the buyer that the stone is certified by an institute that upholds the highest standards of science, integrity and professionalism.

AGS Diamond Certification

AGS stands for American Gem Society. Since its inception in 1943, the organization has demonstrated a commitment to uphold the foremost ethical standards in the diamond and gemstones industry. The organization established a laboratory in 1996 to provide modern grading services for the diamond industry. Additionally, the society strives to provide premium education for jewellery professionals and consumers alike. With this goal in mind, they offer courses to different segments of the gemstone industry.

The AGS follows an unbiased and conservative approach towards diamond grading. This has made them one of the most respected gemological labs in the world. That is why an AGS certificate assures the buyer an accurate evaluation and analysis of a diamond.

HRD Diamond Certification

The Hoge Raadvoor Diamant (HRD), translated as the "Diamond High Council" is the European counterpart to the GIA. It was established in 1973 in Antwerp. Currently, the HRD represents global diamond trade to diamond organizations and public governments. Consequently, it monitors and reports the export and import of over half of the world's loose diamonds.

HRD also leads the industry in advanced research and education in diamonds and other gemstones. That is why an HRD diamond certificate is highly regarded among consumers and jewellers.

When you buy a certified diamond from Sunny diamonds, you know that they have been verified for their quality. Moreover, certified diamonds have a higher value than non-certified diamonds in terms of resale and upgrading. With our extensive collection of certified diamond jewellery, you can be at ease while shopping at Sunny diamonds.