Fancy Yellow

Also known as Canary Diamonds, the Fancy Yellow diamonds are one of the most loved fancy diamonds. You might be familiar with white diamonds with its slight yellow shade listed on the far end of the diamond colour scale; Y - Z. However, the fancy yellow diamond is far different from that. 

A diamond can be categorised as fancy yellow when it is graded according to the terms: light yellow, fancy light yellow, fancy yellow, fancy intense yellow, fancy dark yellow, fancy deep yellow, and fancy vivid yellow. Normally the fancy yellow diamonds will have an intense vivid hue which marks them different from the other diamonds. This rare beauty of the fancy yellow diamond makes them expensive per carat.

What gives these fancy yellow diamonds their colour is the presence of Nitrogen. Almost 60% of the fancy coloured diamonds are yellow diamonds.

Sunny Diamonds offers a wide range of fancy yellow diamonds in many different styles and carat sizes. Fancy yellow diamonds can be the best choice if you are looking for something different than the mainstream. They will look stunning when set in platinum or white gold setting.