Fancy Green

After fancy pink diamonds, the second rarest fancy colour diamond in the market will be the fancy green diamonds. The colour of the fancy green diamond ranges between blue-green to yellow-green (because green is a mixture of blue and yellow). Certain fancy green diamonds can also exhibit grey or brown hue. Since the fancy green diamond is incredibly rare they are also absolutely valuable. The green diamonds are graded according to the terms: faint green, very light green, light green, fancy light green, fancy green, fancy intense green, fancy dark green, fancy deep green, and fancy vivid green.

The green fancy diamonds are formed over millions of years. They get their green colour after it has been exposed to beta and gamma rays during the formation of the stone. In certain cases, the green colour of the diamond will be present only on the surface, also called “skin stones’, which might fade gradually. Therefore, pure fancy green diamonds are an extreme rarity.

Sunny Diamonds offers a wide range of fancy green diamonds in many different styles and carat sizes. Fancy green diamonds are a great option when looking to add to your diamond collection. They will look stunning when set in platinum or white gold setting.