Diamond Clarity

How to choose a clarity grade?

The diamond clarity refers to the absence of inclusions and blemishes within a diamond that can affect the overall beauty and durability of the stone. Therefore, it is important that you select a stone which is void of inclusions and blemishes. While selecting a stone, always stick with diamonds graded “VS2” or higher to make sure you are selecting a diamond clean of visible inclusions and blemishes. Purchasing an SI quality diamond can be rewarding, but it’s best to have the stone reviewed by a Sunny Diamond expert staff before completing the purchase. This will help you to choose a stone that is beautiful and doesn’t have any inclusions visible to the naked eye. 

Balancing the clarity grade of your diamond to its colour is another way to make sure you are getting a stone worth your money. To do this, focus on clarity grades of VS2 or higher if you are interested in the D-F colour range. If you are going for the G-I colour range, then it’s better to combine with SI clarity for excellent values.