Diamond Shapes

Diamonds come in different shapes and styles of unique qualities. Therefore, it is important to have a basic knowledge about the different diamond shapes before selecting your diamond. Sunny Diamonds offers the highest quality certified diamonds to satisfy the diamond enthusiast in you. 

Asscher Cut Diamonds

Also known as the ‘Square Emerald Cut’, the Asscher cut diamonds are made using a step-cut process and have cropped corners. The presence of the cropped corners gives the Asscher cut diamonds an octagonal shape at first glance. Like Emerald cut diamonds, the Asscher cut diamonds have the clarity of glacier-water ice - bright, shiny and clear - allowing the viewer to see all the way to the bottom of the stone. However, with Asscher cut diamonds, inclusions are evident to the naked eye and hence it is important that you select a flawless or a diamond as close to flawless as possible.


Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Also known as the Round diamond, the Round Brilliant cut diamonds are so far the most popular shape for diamond engagement rings. The Round Brilliant cut diamonds are cone-shaped to maximize the light return through the top of the stone. The diamond is cut to have 58 facets (33 on the crown and 25 on the pavilion). You can see, the relationship between the angle of the crown (steep and above the girdle) and the pavilion (shallower and below the girdle) is complementary to each other.


Cushion-Cut Diamonds

A perfect combination of the Old Mine Cut (popular during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century) and the modern Oval-Cut, the Cushion Cut diamonds are considered as an antique cut that has a classic, romantic appeal and consist of 58 facets. Since the cutting of the diamond was done by hands (instead of machines) in the ancient days, the Old Mine Cut diamond features large facets and rounded corners, designed to capture the beauty of candlelight.


Emerald-Cut Diamonds

Also known as a Step-Cut, the Emerald cut diamonds are known for its beauty and precision. It may lack the brilliance of triangular and kite-shaped facets, but it gains extra popularity in its extreme clarity. Looking into an Emerald-cut diamond is more like looking into glacier-pure ice. This particular cut got its name because originally this style of the cut was used only on emeralds.


Heart Diamonds

As the name suggests, the Heart-shaped diamonds are cut to look like a heart with a cleft at the top. The Heart-shaped diamond exhibits superior brilliance and is the most romantic of all the diamond shapes. The symmetry of a Heart-shaped diamond is something you have to look for while purchasing one. A perfect Heart-shaped diamond will have two identical halves of the heart and the split between the two lobes will be sharp and with rounded wings. A heart-shaped diamonds of less than 50 carats are not advisable. Unlike the other diamond shapes, the Heart-shaped diamond appears to be smaller in size especially after setting in prongs. A setting with a bezel and three prongs will be the best for Heart-shaped diamonds.


Marquise Diamonds

Considered as a classic shape for diamond engagement rings, the Marquise-shaped diamonds are boat-shaped brilliant stones. Like any other fancy-cut stones, colour and clarity are the two most important qualities of the Marquise-shaped diamond. It uses a cutting process similar to that of a Round-cut diamond. In Marquise-shaped diamond, the diamond cutter maximizes the carat weight of the stone by elongating it into its distinctive boat shape. This boat shape of the diamond helps to reduce inclusions while retaining as much of the unblemished stone as possible. However, the elongated shape can cause colour and clarity imperfections than the traditional Round-cut diamonds.


Oval Diamonds

A most modified version of one of the most popular cuts - the Round Brilliant Cut - the Oval diamonds are perfect for those who would like an unusual shape for their diamond but also want to look like the traditional Round-shaped diamond. The Oval-cut diamonds create the illusion of length and thus is perfect for those with elegant elongate fingers.


Pear Diamonds

The pear-shaped diamonds are the combination of the traditional Round-cut diamonds with a less common shape to create an unusual shaped diamond without compromising in its brilliance and can still make the light dance like in a Round-shaped diamond. The Pear-shaped diamond consists of 58 facets, allowing the light to pass through it the same way as in a traditional Round Brilliant cut. However, the shape of this diamond is subjective and its size and shape are really a matter of personal choice and taste.


Princess-Cut Diamonds

A straight-sided square cut, the Princess-cut diamond makes perfect engagement rings. They are very clear and their exquisite shape makes them an exotic treasure. The Princess-Cut diamonds are designed in a way for getting top brilliance from their square cut. While purchasing a Princess-cut diamond, make sure that the setting for the ring protects the four corners of the diamond. The Princess-cut diamonds are more popular than any other fancy-shaped diamonds today in the market.


Radiant Cut Diamonds

The Radiant-cut diamond combines two of the most prominent traditional diamond cutting styles - the Round brilliant cut and the Emerald cut - to create an untraditional yet brilliant style for your diamond dreams. Created by Henry Grossbard in 1977, the Radiant-cut diamonds were designed to create something different from what was available at that time without losing on its beauty and brilliance.